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Clintonville OH Locksmith Store, Columbus, OH 614-653-7961Clintonville OH Locksmith Store 's focus on residential security in Clintonville is well known- as local locksmith professionals, we are concerned for the security of every house and home in our area, and we work to make sure that any safety or security issue that arises for our residents gets fixed quickly and efficiently. That's why Columbus homes and apartment residents know that when they need the help of a locksmith, we are there for them any time, day or night, every day of the year to handle basic issues such as damaged lock repair or broken key extraction- or in case of security concerns, we are also able to replace and/or repair window locks. Call us to handle any and all security issues.

Broken Locks

Probably the most common task that requires the help of a locksmith is a broken lock. Often, residents will try to fix the problem by jamming the key into the lock, which works about as much as it breaks the key, complicating the resident's problem. Clintonville OH Locksmith Store understands both situations very well, and knows that the resident just wants to get back in the house. Thanks to our local Clintonville mobile service vans, we can get there within the hour, resolve the issue, and repair or replace that broken lock, 24 hours a day. We're here for our neighbors.

Lost Keys

The other most common residential issue that Clintonville OH Locksmith Store gets calls for is a lost key, so don't be embarrassed- it happens to everyone! Lost keys (especially outside the home) can be a huge cost of stress if no one is inside the house to help. Our mobile fleet is equipped to create a new key and a replacement or even replace a lock if necessary- even though making a replacement key is the most common solution. Clintonville OH Locksmith Store are experts at creating replacement keys, so we can resolve this problem, usually within the hour on-site.

Emergency Lock Changes

Landlords know that they can trust Clintonville OH Locksmith Store with propriety when it comes to sensitive situations such as a lockout for a problem tenant. Our locksmiths can quickly switch out locks to restore control to the owner of the dwelling. With new buildings, we can also create master key and sub master key systems for large buildings, apartments, and hotels, and can re-key an entire building overnight if necessary.

Clintonville OH Locksmith Store is known in the Clintonville for dealing with any and all emergency lock change issues quickly and professionally. Columbus landlords and residents know Clintonville OH Locksmith Store for being available no matter how big or small the job, and treating every task with an equal amount of care and professionalism. 

Clintonville OH Locksmith Store can handle virtually all major locksmith issues on-site:

  • Home and House Lockouts
  • Apartment Lockout Access Situations
  • Bedroom Locks and Inside Locks
  • Lock Changes For New Tenants
  • Lock Re-Keying or Replacement
  • Master and Sub-master Key System Creation
  • New Lock Creation
  • And More!